Capital Public Radio: Legislative Dems Want to Restore Budget Cuts, but Priorities Differ

By Ben Adler CPR photo/Ben Adler     As budget talks head into their final weeks, supporters of programs suffering from years of cuts are asking for help. Gov. Jerry Brown opposes any new spending. But Assembly and Senate Democrats have different programs in which they’d like to invest. (Sacramento, CA)  Tuesday, May 21, 2013 The steps … Continue reading

Capital Public Radio: State Loan Repayment Help Not Enough to Remedy California Doctor Shortages

By Pauline Bartolone Millions more Californians will start enrolling in health insurance next year. But experts are worried that a limited number of doctors in the state will mean health care consumers will have an insurance card but no doctor to see them. Dr. Glen Villanueva has known he wanted to be a doctor since he … Continue reading

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