California Healthline: State Makes It Possible to Opt Back In to Managed Adult Day Services

by David Gorn Next week, the state’s new Community Based Adult Services program will be withdrawn from about 5,000 Californians who are eligible for the program  because those people chose to opt out of Medi-Cal managed care — which is a requirement for receiving CBAS services. State officials said some of those 5,000 people, many … Continue reading

LA Times: How to make U.S. healthcare even worse

If the Supreme Court tosses the individual mandate yet keeps the rule that all consumers must be offered coverage despite their health, both rates and the number of uninsured will rise. By David LazarusJune 22, 2012 What can we expect when the Supreme Court rules on healthcare reform in coming days? The prognosis isn’t good. I’ve spoken … Continue reading

Capitol Desk – Expansion of Safety Net Sparks Debate

by David Gorn The 17 health care clinics run by the Molina Medical Group, which care for many low-income patients, should qualify as safety net providers in California, according to the group’s owners. AB 2002 by Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) would redefine the state’s process for establishing Medi-Cal safety net providers to allow centers like … Continue reading

Register for LAAAC’s May 7th 2012 Aging Summit!!

  On Monday, May 7th, the Los Angeles Aging Advocacy Coalition will be hosting its 3rd major event! Today, California (and Los Angeles County) faces a dangerous paradox: while the aging population continues to rapidly grow, there is a dramatic shift away from policies that support older persons and their families. For example, the proposed state budget for … Continue reading

LA Times – Healthcare reform is about lives, not just politics

If health insurers can keep denying coverage to anyone, millions of Americans could be left to fend for themselves in a system that openly discriminates against the sick and leaves many destitute. By David Lazarus April 13, 2012 Dale Berman doesn’t just have a rooting interest in the Supreme Court upholding the healthcare reform law. You could … Continue reading

CDCAN – Olmstead Advisory Committee Member Roster (Corrected) – Scheduled to Convene March 29 10 AM – Disability-Mental Health-Senior Rights Advises Secretary Dooley on Olmstead Implementation in CA

John William Springs, a retiree who gets nearly $12,000 a year in Social Security and disability checks, is $1,300 above the poverty threshold: officially, not poor.

Olmstead Advisory Committee Member Roster (Corrected) – Key Advisory Committee on Disability, Mental Health & Seniors Rights to CA Health and Human Services Secretary Dooley Will Meet March 29th SACRAMENTO, CA (CDCAN) [Last updated 03/21/2012 01:56 PM] – A corrected version of the members of a key advisory group to California Health and Human Services … Continue reading

Capitol Desk – Legislative Hearing Looks at Transition Plans

Friday, March 23, 2012 by David Gorn During a Senate subcommittee review of a number of state health care proposals yesterday, one theme seemed to stand out: People are unhappy with them. The budget subcommittee on Health and Human Services heard proposals by the Department of Health Care Services to cut health plan rate reimbursement … Continue reading

LAO: The 2012-13 Budget: Integrating Care for Seniors and Persons With Disabilities

Oct 31- ADHC Rally photo (Photo credit: Steve Lopez)

Executive Summary About 1.9 million seniors and persons with disabilities (SPDs) are enrolled in California’s Medicaid program (known as Medi–Cal), the state–federal program providing medical and long–term care services to low–income persons. The majority of SPDs are also eligible for Medicare, the federal program that provides medical services to qualifying persons over age 65 and … Continue reading

CA Department of Mental Health: Budget Highlights and Health Reorganization

BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS The 2012-13 Governor’s Budget creates the Department of State Hospitals (DSH), eliminates the  Department of Mental Health and reorganizes community mental health programs to other departments. These proposals will: Allow the DSH to focus on effective patient treatment and increased worker and patient safety.   Integrate services to provide an effective continuum of care, consistent … Continue reading

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