If You’re Caring For An Aging Parent, You Can Learn From This Experience

Our society is aging, and more families are caring for an elderly member who is suffering from declining mental function. While memory loss can be a frightening experience for our aging parents, its’ impact on other family members can be equally frightening. I experienced that fact first hand when I brought my 82 year-old father … Continue reading

Senior Care for Dementia

Senior care for dementia can rapidly address, manage and improve the quality of life not only of the sufferer of this condition, but also for family members and loved ones involved in their care. Because this illness occurs in multiple forms and affects each person differently, it’s important to understand that senior care for dementia … Continue reading

LAUSD: URGENT ALERT! Older Adult Programs still AT RISK of BEING CUT, Wed. 6/26/13 Assembly Hearing

From our colleagues at LAUSD:  Unfortunately, PROGRAMS FOR OLDER ADULTS (POA) is still AT RISK!  WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP! Please contact today and tomorrow the Assembly Committee on Education and Legislators listed below:   This Wednesday 6/26/13 the Assembly Committee on Education will be holding a hearing and voting on SB173 which, if passed, will serve as a supplement to … Continue reading

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