NY Times: Election Will Leave Medicaid Policies Largely Unchanged

Election Results 2014: The Effect on Medicaid Expansion By Josh Barro and Margot Sanger-Katz This article has been updated with election results. The re-election of four Republican governors means that the future ofMedicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act is unlikely to change course. Republicans in Florida, Wisconsin, Maine and Kansas won their bids for … Continue reading

California Healthline: Will Rate Regulation Return to Legislature?

by David Gorn What’s next after Proposition 45? Will the subject surface again in the Legislature? California voters yesterday rejected the proposal to give the state insurance commissioner power to deny health insurance rate increases deemed excessive. “I’d be surprised if it wasn’t back in some form,” said Micah Weinberg, senior policy adviser at the Bay Area Council. … Continue reading

Sacramento Business Journal: Supporters of Prop. 45 predict health plan rate gouging after the measure’s defeat

Kathy Robertson Proponents of Proposition 45, which would have given California’s insurance commissioner the authority to regulate some health plan rates, say that those rates will continue to skyrocket, following the measure’s defeat at the polls. Commissioner Dave Jones has tried to get this authority into law for almost 10 years, dating back to his … Continue reading

LA Times: On California initiatives, money talked, the public interest walked

By Michael Hiltzik It was obvious from the start that the cascade of corporate cash into ballot initiative campaigns in California this year would be overwhelming. The reality did not disappoint. That reality had to please the biggest spenders, notably the insurance companies and agents who defeated propositions 45 and 46, two pro-consumer healthcare measures. The … Continue reading

California Healthline: An Election Night Murder-Mystery: What Killed Prop. 45?

by Dan Diamond Back in June, more than 60% of Californians supported it. But on Tuesday night, more than 60% of Californians voted against it. What went wrong with Proposition 45, the once popular rate-review ballot initiative? Here’s a list of potential factors — and it’s hard to pick just one. It was outgunned Prop. … Continue reading

San Jose Mercury: California voters reject Propositions 45, 46, 48; pass 47

By Tracy Seipel and Jessica Calefati California voters soundly rejected two hotly contested propositions Tuesday night — one that would have halted excessive health care insurance rates and another that would have raised the state’s 39-year-old cap on medical malpractice damage awards. An Indian gaming proposal also failed. But voters passed a measure that requires … Continue reading

Modern Healthcare: What Tuesday’s elections mean for healthcare

By Paul Demko  The outcome of Tuesday’s elections could have profound implications for healthcare policy. Most significantly, the outcome of the fight for control of the Senate will shape the tenor and content of the healthcare debate in Washington in the coming months and whether Republicans can damage Obamacare. Republicans need to pick up six … Continue reading

LA Times: Democrats hoping to succeed Rep. Waxman square off in Pacific Palisades

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) takes phone calls in his Washington office after his Jan. 30 announcement that he would not seek another term. (Associated Press / January 30, 2014) By Jean Merl State Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), who is vying for a high-profile congressional seat, picked up the endorsement Sunday of the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club. The endorsement came after … Continue reading

California Healthline: ACA To Be Key Issue Ahead of 2014 Midterm Elections

On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee launched a multistate radio advertising campaign that takes aim at 12 Democratic senators and House representatives who support the Affordable Care Act and are up for re-election this November, Yahoo! News reports. The ad campaign aims to reignite the controversy surrounding the insurance policy cancellation issue last fall that affected millions of U.S. residents. … Continue reading

LA Times: Garcetti wins race for L.A. mayor; Greuel concedes

By Seema Mehta and Laura J. NelsonMay 22, 2013, 3:27 a.m.  Wendy Greuel called Eric Garcetti early Wednesday morning to concede the mayoral election, a Greuel campaign source told The Times, ending a two-year campaign to determine Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa‘s successor and the new political leader of Los Angeles. Garcetti will be the first elected Jewish mayor of the city. … Continue reading

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