California Healthline: Study Shows Decline in Emergency Services Use Among Newly Insured

by David Gorn The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research yesterday released a study that lends credence to one of the primary contentions of health care reform — providing health care coverage can reduce expensive emergency department use. “Once you provide coverage to a population and provide preventive services, particularly for chronic conditions, you can expect a decline in … Continue reading

Health Affairs: Transforming Emergency Care For Older Adults

Ula Hwang1, Manish N. Shah2, Jin H. Han3,Christopher R. Carpenter4, Albert L. Siu5 and James G. Adams6 Abstract Already crowded and stressful, US emergency departments (EDs) are facing the challenge of serving an aging population that requires complex and lengthy evaluations. Creative solutions are necessary to improve the value and ensure the quality of emergency care delivered to older adults … Continue reading

The Washington Post: Hospitals and insurers struggle to reduce costs by patients dubbed “super-utilizers”

ALEX NABAUM FOR THE WASHINGTON POST – Why a tiny fraction of Americans consumes a giant share of health-care dollars.  By Sandra G. Boodman, A 58-year-old Maryland woman breaks her ankle, develops a blood clot and, unable to find a doctor to monitor her blood-thinning drug, winds up in an emergency room 30 times in six months. … Continue reading

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