LAO: The 2015-16 Budget: California’s Fiscal Outlook

The 20th annual edition of the LAO’s Fiscal Outlook—a look at possible state revenue and spending trends over the next five years—reflects anticipated progress in building budget reserves under the recently approved Proposition 2. Specifically, absent new budget commitments, we estimate the state would end 2015-16 with $4.2 billion in total reserves, $2 billion of … Continue reading

California Healthline: Consumer Advocates Support California Bill Limiting Asset Seizure

by George Lauer, California Healthline Features Editor Collecting money from the estates of deceased Medicaid beneficiaries is not a new practice, but it is generating new interest. For a couple decades, all states have been required by CMS to try to get reimbursement for long-term care expenses of Medicaid beneficiaries who die at age 55 … Continue reading

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