Conference on Aging for Older Adults

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Bocce, a Sport the Elderly Can Play

Bocce can be one of the most exciting, easy and relaxing sports an older person can do. The rules are very basic and once you learn them you will be able to start right away (after you buy a Bocce set of course). You will be able to play the game in your yard or … Continue reading

Senior Sports Can Be A Taste Of Youth

Choosing a seniors sports recreation calls for some soul searching. Or instead, what is really needed is child’s play. The guiding motivation shouldn’t be doing what you’re good at, but what you enjoy doing. When you were a child, what did you do for fun. Did you wash the car because you could get it … Continue reading

Fitness for Seniors Has a Whole New Meaning Today

It was believed that seniors couldn’t increase muscle mass or strength if they wanted to. Studies at Harvard and elsewhere have now firmly put that myth to rest. In generations past, exercise was believed to be mostly for the younger set. It was even believed that seniors couldn’t increase muscle mass or strength if they … Continue reading

Yoga – The Elderly Are Loving It

The young are coming to yoga centers with the aim to lose flab. But the elderly are not far behind, they want their youth back as well. They feel fit and their ailments, many of which arise from lifestyle problems and neglect at home, are getting resolved. Yoga boosts their self-esteem they say. While some … Continue reading

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