How To Serve Delicious And Healthy Meals To Seniors

One of the major reasons seniors move to assisted living facilities is because they can no longer arrange their own meals. After their fitness becomes weak, they will still require to be fed every day. The key to preparing meals for seniors in assisted living facilities or at house is tolerance and wise meal preparation. … Continue reading

Elderly Nutrition – One Size Does Not Fit All

Elderly nutrition can be a delicate matter. Stuff happens, and often suddenly, as we age. (And the word “age” can be relative). We can be catapulted into health and wellness issues beyond our comfort zone. What does nutrition have to do with any of that? And what are the guidelines now? The old USDA Food … Continue reading

Improving the Nutrition of the Elderly

The elderly face many unique challenges to receive proper nutrition. Here are some guidelines to help make sure they are eating what they should. It is estimated that one in four seniors suffer from some level of malnutrition. Poor nutrition exacerbates existing illnesses and increases the risk of other illnesses such as pneumonia, osteoporosis, obesity, … Continue reading

What is a healthy eating plan?

Healthy eating is important for everyone, from babies to the elderly. Learning to eat well is more than just eating a variety of foods so that your body gets the proper nutrients. It is also about enjoyment of foods and maintaining a healthy weight. Anyone can eat for good health. It involves 2 simple steps. … Continue reading

CBP: Few Eligible California Seniors Receive Federal Food Assistance

One in seven Americans had trouble affording enough food in 2013, according to federal data released earlier this year. Among seniors 65 and older, 8.7 percent were food insecure nationwide. Yet, seniors are less likely than other demographic groups to participate in the federally funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). In this post, we examine … Continue reading

NCOA: Farm Bill: What’s in it for Hungry Seniors?

After more than two years of contentious debate, the Farm Bill renewal is about to pass Congress. The House approved a bipartisan agreement last week, and the Senate is expected to do the same today. The legislation includes both positives and negatives for older Americans who are food insecure. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) A … Continue reading

NCOA: Diverse coalition advocates for seniors’ priorities in Farm Bill NCOA has partnered with Feeding America to spearhead a joint letter to members of Congress who are crafting a compromise Farm Bill reauthorization. Thirty-four national organizations signed the letter to advocate against cuts, as well as positive changes in nutrition programs that affect food insecure … Continue reading

RWJF: Health Impact Assessment of Proposed Changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

July 2013Publisher: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/The PEW Charitable TrustsAuthor(s): Health Impact Project  The Health Impact Project recently released a white paper that examines the potential health impacts and health-related costs of proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) now under consideration by Congress. Recent House and Senate bills have proposed several changes to how the … Continue reading

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