California Healthline: Auditor’s Report Shows ‘Symbiotic Relationship’ in Medi-Cal Managed Care

by David Gorn The seeming reluctance by state officials to closely monitor Medi-Cal managed care plans is troubling, said Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. Reacting to a June report from the California State Auditor’s office that criticized the Department of Health Care Services for lax oversight of Medi-Cal managed care plans, … Continue reading

NY Times: Medicare and Medicaid at 50

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD Medicare and Medicaid, the two mainstays of government health insurance, turn 50 this month, having made it possible for most Americans in poverty and old age to get medical care. While the Affordable Care Act fills the gap for people who don’t qualify for help from those two programs, there are … Continue reading

California Healthline: Supreme Court Ripples in California

The Supreme Court decision on Thursday upholding the legality of federal subsidies in health benefit exchanges in 34 states did not directly pertain to California. This state was one of 16 that established its own exchange, Covered California. But a ruling against the subsidies would have had a tremendous effect on California’s health care reform … Continue reading

California Healthline: Big Day for Health Care Bill Passage

by David Gorn Floor sessions on Tuesday in the state Senate and Assembly were fast-paced affairs. The deadline to pass bills out of their house of origin is June 5 so the legislation queue on Tuesday was pretty long and resulted in a rapid-fire pace. The Senate passed a high-profile measure to expand coverage to some … Continue reading

California Healthline: Protest Rises Over Medi-Cal Rates

by David Gorn The Capitol lawn is going to be a little livelier on Tuesday, as hundreds of protesters from across the state are planning to gather in Sacramento in an effort to boost Medi-Cal provider rates. The state’s budget is due June 15, and a consortium of health advocates and providers want to use … Continue reading

CA DHCS: March Cal MediConnect Dashboard

Link to report here:

The Sacramento Bee: John Chiang: Numbers reveal unfunded health care crisis

BY JOHN CHIANG A few numbers to remember: 1.9, 72, 24, 92, 25, 67 and 121. No, they are not related to last week’s lotto, nor are they the residual carnage of a Sudoku factory meltdown. But they are important numbers to remember as Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers prepare to tackle a fiscal liability … Continue reading

California Healthline: Budget Health Care Bartering Brewing

by David Gorn Let the bargaining begin. Last week’s budget proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) didn’t restore cuts from previous years — with the exception of the already agreed-upon reversal of a 7% cut in In-Home Supportive Services hours — and that omission was not lost on consumer health advocates. Health care advocates pointed … Continue reading

California Healthline: What’s Behind High Opt-Out Rate Among Dual Eligibles in L.A. County?

by David Gorn he state’s duals demonstration project has hit a rough patch in Los Angeles County. Health officials are in the middle of an effort to enroll a large segment of the state’s dual-eligible population in Cal MediConnect — a seven-county pilot project designed to coordinate care and funding for about 430,000 Californians who … Continue reading

California Healthline: Exchange, Immigration Advocates Urge Enrollment by Mixed Status Families

by David Gorn On Wednesday, immigration advocates linked arms with Covered California officials and other government representatives to assure families of mixed immigration status that their personal information would not be shared. Many members of mixed-status families have balked at enrolling in Medi-Cal or Covered California over concerns that application information might end up in … Continue reading

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