Who’s Prepared for California Long Term Care?

In a poll which was recently conducted among Californians from ages 40 and onwards, majority of voters admitted that they are weary of the cost of California long term care. The poll, which was conducted on behalf of the SCAN Foundation and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, aims to find out what people … Continue reading

Understanding Long Term Care Insurance

We hear it all the time; people are living longer, the system is not equipped to handle the increasing number of older Americans, and health care costs so much. One thing that can be done to safeguard your future and your finances is to take out a long term care insurance policy. LTC provides coverage … Continue reading

Sacramento Business Journal: Health care bill would protect patients from high out-of-pocket costs

    Kathy Robertson Senior Staff Writer-Sacramento Business Journal California may go ahead of the feds on health care reform, again. The Assembly Health Committee passed legislation Tuesday to implement consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act against high out-of-pocket costs. If Senate Bill 639 by Sen. Ed Hernandez is passed by the Legislature this year and signed by … Continue reading

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