Managing The Home Care Of Aging Parents (from A Distance)

As the world becomes increasingly global and people continue to live longer, a growing proportion of middle-aged adults are faced with the challenge of managing their parents’ home care needs. The children of aging parents face a very daunting task, whether they are providing the care themselves, or are responsible for managing home care and … Continue reading

Live In Care – The Best Solution for Elder Care

Elder care is an important concern for modern working professionals. They could not give required attention to elder members (like parents, grandparents, or other elderly members) of their family due to professional commitments or other external engagement. Therefore, they seek an accurate solution for this important issue. Live in care is the best solution of … Continue reading

How Adult Day Care Programs and Care Giver Support Groups Can Help Keep Aging Loved Ones At Home

When our parents become elderly and frail, we want to assist them and keep them at home as long as possible. With the proper services, equipment and safety measures in place, this is possible for many people. But, successfully keeping our parents safely in their home (or ours) is only half the battle. Many seniors … Continue reading

Public Relations In The Care Home Industry

Care homes for the elderly need to exist, and the majority of them do their utmost to provide a good standard of living. However, some businesses, like in any industry, attract negative publicity for various reasons, whether it’s a genuine concern, or an isolated incident that could’ve been easily resolved, but explodes into a media … Continue reading

Top Ten Questions to Ask a Los Angeles Home Caregiver Agency

Finding the right Los Angeles home caregiver agency for your elderly loved one can seem like a daunting and stressful task. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. By asking some direct, pertinent questions, you can learn all you need to know to select a home caregiver agency. Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Los Angeles … Continue reading

How To Help Aging Loved Ones Live Independently

Trying to care for a loved one who is getting older is tough enough, but keeping them independent can sometimes seem like an impossible task. There are several ways seniors can stay young and remain independent with very little effort needed. This includes a few simple aids to daily living and some very unusual homecare … Continue reading

Home Care and Medicare

In-Home Care Home health care can provide you with services in the comfort of your own home, these services are generally coordinated by a home health care agency.. Some services offered are skilled nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology services, and medical social services as advised and ordered by your doctor. A home … Continue reading

Caring for Seniors in Their Own Home

Quite a few senior citizens have no wish to relinquish their autonomy. They want to stay in their own home, where they are familiar and comfortable, rather than relocating to a nursing home, or even an assisted living facility. Caring for the elderly is something that home health care agencies provide. They employ skilled and … Continue reading

California Healthline: Home Care Overtime Decision Leaves $200 Million Question Mark in State Budget

by David Gorn Last week’s decision by the state to drop a plan to pay home health workers overtime wages has left a gap in the governor’s budget proposal. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon ruled on Wednesday last week that only Congress has the authority to award extra pay to home care workers. The … Continue reading

NSCLC: FLSA Home Care Rule Struck Down by D.C. District Court

From our colleagues at NSCLC:  A U.S. federal district court has struck down new rules that would have applied Fair Labor Standards Act standards, like payment of minimum wage and overtime, to most Medicaid home care providers.  Historically, many personal care providers and other in-home assistants have been exempted from federal labor laws under the … Continue reading

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