NY Times: White House Withdraws Plan Allowing Limits to Medicare Coverage for Some Drugs

By ROBERT PEAR WASHINGTON — Under pressure from patients, pharmaceutical companies and members of Congress from both parties, the Obama administration on Monday withdrew a proposal that would have allowed insurers to limitMedicare coverage for certain classes of drugs, including those used to treatdepression and schizophrenia. Medicare officials had said the proposal would have saved money and reduced the … Continue reading

California Healthline: What Medicare Part D Can — and Can’t — Teach Us About the Affordable Care Act

by Dan Diamond With the possible exception of one phrase — “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” — defenders of Obamacare have repeatedly invoked the same warning. Don’t be too critical of the Affordable Care Act’s new marketplaces. Medicare Part D had a rocky rollout, too. “In terms of confusion, lack of knowledge, and misinformation, the … Continue reading

Kaiser Family Foundation: Medicare Part D: A First Look at Plan Offerings in 2014

Jack Hoadley, Juliette Cubanski, Elizabeth Hargrave and Laura Summer The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released information about the Medicare Part D stand-alone prescription drug plans (PDPs) that will be available in 2014.1   Of the 36 million beneficiaries enrolled in Part D plans, about 63 percent (22.7 million) are in PDPs; the others are … Continue reading

Analysis of the Medicare Proposal in the President’s FY13 Budget

From the Kaiser Family Foundation, an analysis of a Medicare proposal in the President’s budget that raises subjects more beneficiaries to higher income-related Part B (for physician and outpatient services) and Part D (prescription drug) monthly premiums. Income-Relating Medicare Part B and Part D Premiums Under Current Law and Recent Proposals: What are the Implications … Continue reading

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