NASUAD: Community Based Organizations and MLTSS: An Issue Brief to Assess CBO readiness

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NSCLC: What’s In A Notice? How Notices Of Action Protect Consumers In Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services And Supports

From our colleagues at NSCLC:  As Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) rolls out nationwide, advocates on the ground have seen due process violations in appeals and notices of action. In this tool for advocates and consumers, NSCLC focuses on notice and appeal rights in MLTSS.  NSCLC provides background information on notices of action, … Continue reading

NSCLC: Can Reality Match Rhetoric? Person Centered Service Planning in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports

Person-centered planning is critical to the well-being of consumers of long-term services and supports. It works by identifying the strengths preferences, needs, and desired outcomes of the individual. In order for person-centeredness to be more than an empty slogan, it must be accompanied by substantive standards set forth in managed care organization (MCO) contract language. … Continue reading

NSCLC: Details Matter: New Resource Will Help Advocates Get MLTSS Right

From our colleagues at NSCLC:  A wave of new Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services (MLTSS) programs is sweeping the country and promises to impact the way care is delivered to millions of the nation’s seniors and people with disabilities.  Whether this impact is ultimately positive or negative will depend on the details of how these new … Continue reading

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