NSCLC: CCI Advocates Alert

NSCLC: Senators May Let Medicare Qualified Individual (QI) Program Lapse

From our colleagues at NSCLC:  On Dec. 12, the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on a bill to fix long-standing problems with Medicare physician payments. The fix may not include a permanent extension of the Medicare Qualified Individual (QI) program which helps over 400,000 low-income beneficiaries (those with incomes of about $14-$15,000) afford … Continue reading

NSCLC: Statement of the National Senior Citizens Law Center On Medicare and Medicaid at 48 Years

Both Medicare and Medicaid turn 48 July 30. When President Lyndon Johnson signed the programs into law, only half of the nation’s older adults had health insurance of any kind. Now, the vast majority of older adults have health protection through Medicare and Medicaid which pays for the long term services and supports of many … Continue reading

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