Boomer Health Care – For You And Your Aging Parents

Take control of your care by asking questions Tackling a few major hurdles right now will ease your mind and help you and your parents feel better in the long run. Here are few tips to make this mundane yet complex issue easier to manage. Insurance First and foremost you and your parents need the … Continue reading

How To Help Your Aging Parents With Their Finances

As they age, our parents may find handling money to be more challenging. Sometimes the signs are obvious, such as falling behind on their bills. This could merely be a “senior moment,” or the onset of something more serious, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Whatever the reason, be prepared to gracefully step in and help … Continue reading

Caring for Elderly Parents? How to Say NO Without Feeling Guilty

Saying NO to a parent’s request without feeling guilty is extremely difficult for most of us! However, the ability to set limits with loved ones is a crucial skill needed to maintain emotional, physical, and spiritual health. When caring for an elderly parent, we need all the energy, rejuvenation time and emotional stamina we can … Continue reading

“Sandwiched” Caring for Kids and Parents? Here’s Help!

(NewsUSA) – On one hand, you have aging parents less able to care for themselves every day. On the other, your own children with schedules so difficult you can’t find a spare minute. And you’re caught in between. You’re not alone. You’re part of the over 20 million Americans “sandwiched” in between generations, caring for both … Continue reading

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