PBS Newshour: Fixing the disconnect between Medicare and Medicaid to serve the most vulnerable Americans

Providing long term care at a reasonable cost — especially for low-income Americans who are elderly or have disabilities — has long been a challenge in the U.S. In California, long term care providers are coordinating in order to tackle the special challenges faced by those who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. Special correspondent … Continue reading

PBS NewsHour: Closing the digital divide by helping seniors get online Our managing organization, St. Barnabas Senior Services, is featured in PBS NewsHour’s story “Closing the digital divide by helping seniors get online.” 

PBS NewsHour: As Hispanic population explodes in U.S., so too will their need for long-term care

3 of 9Adult Day Health Care dilemma Trinidad Contreras is a fixture at Gardner Family Health Network Adult Day Health Care facility in San Jose, Calif. on Wednesday, June 6, 2012. Due to budget cuts, the state declared Contreras no longer eligible for benefits, but Gardner Family Health Network Adult Day Health Care is continuing to let him participate in its programs without getting reimbursed while he appeals. He spends the hours between about 10 am and 2 pm playing dominos, walking the courtyard and tending the small garden boxes. (Dan Honda/Staff)

BY: ELIZABETH SHELL By 2060, nearly one in three U.S. residents will be Hispanic. That population is expected to more than double from the current 53 million to nearly 129 million. And as a group, Hispanics are projected to make up more than a fifth of the 65+ U.S. population by 2060. The non-Hispanic white population will … Continue reading

TSF: PBS Newshour special event, 2 new Care Span articles, and more…

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation:    Dear Colleagues,  Millions of Americans require daily support due to age, chronic health conditions or other needs.  On November 4, our friends at the PBS NewsHour will host a discussion in Washington, D.C exploring international models of care while taking a closer look at what’s happening in … Continue reading

The SCAN Foundation: PBS NewsHour

For years, millions of viewers worldwide have turned to the solid, reliable reporting that has made the PBS NewsHour one of the most trusted news programs in television. With support from The SCAN Foundation, the NewsHour will produce a body of coverage around aging and long-term care, including a series of mini-documentaries, infographics, and a … Continue reading

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