6 Tips for Public Speaking

The 6 C’s of Public Speaking Confidence: Confidence is portrayed by being as knowledgeable as possible on your subject and conveying this knowledge through the power of your voice and eyes. As an aging advocate, you are the authority and representative for your cause, community and/or organization. Research well and speak as if you know … Continue reading

33 Ideas to Improve as a Public Speaker

Project your voice. Speak from your diaphragm, not your throat. Keep eye contact with different numbers of your audience as you speak Try to stand to the side of blackboards of flip charts while writing on them during your presentation. Use the podium to you advantage. If you are about to make an important point, … Continue reading

10 Tips For Handling Audience Questions

Keep your question / answer period brief. Too much time spent addressing individual concerns lowers the “energy level” of the larger group. Stop the questions and close when you see the energy sag. Anticipate questions and try to prepare answers. If it’s a tough presentation, practice answering questions with a colleague in advance. In answering … Continue reading

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