To Grow as a Conscious Elder: Forget Resolutions & Create Intentions

We all know how weak New Years resolutions and other good intentions tend to be for making a lasting, meaningful difference in our lives. I believe this is so because our resolutions are usually made piecemeal, with a goal of improving some areas of our lives, but without a larger context within which to place … Continue reading

Elders and “Youngers” taking a Stand for a Healthy Future

Elders Throughout History For most of recorded history until relatively recent times, the role of elder was an honored one, with the wisdom, skills and personal qualities of elders understood to be critical for the wellbeing of communities. The role of elder was that of mentor to the younger generations in the enduring values that … Continue reading

What We Believe Shapes How We Age: ten critical questions about our beliefs

In recent years, a host of psychological and biological research has been adding its voice to the age-old wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions in emphasizing the importance of belief and attitude in determining how our lives unfold. Let’s look at two very different beliefs about aging. Since the “modern” era began, aging has largely … Continue reading

Aging Consciously: Claiming our Elderhood

Listen carefully and you will hear a rumbling, as the first of the baby-boom generation cross the threshold into our sixties. This rumbling will soon become a demographic earthquake. In an America that worships youth, the proportion of the population over sixty will reach unprecedented heights, and the resulting impact upon every aspect of American … Continue reading

Aiming High: The art, the practice, and the gift of conscious aging

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Michelangelo What do you aim for as you age? Other related questions: What does aging mean to me? How do I deal with my fears of … Continue reading

Creating a Balanced Understanding of Aging

The reason the Positive Aging Movement has emerged so strongly in the past 10-15 years is that the dominant view of aging has fallen VERY short in providing an accurate picture that truly serves individuals as we age and our society as a whole. Yes, most of us do suffer losses and diminishments of certain … Continue reading

The Inner Work of Eldering

By Ron Pevny On one of the Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreats that I lead, a participant in her early 60’s said something that had a powerful impact on all present. In reflecting on her intentions for her retreat, she spoke of two significant older people in her life. One, who was in relatively good physical health, … Continue reading

Seniors Travel Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Senior travel could be the prescription that improves your entire well being! How do you sleep at night? Do you toss and turn endlessly? Do you dream? What do you dream? Medical researchers tell us that dreams are the reflections of our innermost thoughts and desires. Do you awaken most mornings refreshed and eager to … Continue reading

Independent Senior Housing – Time To Have Fun

As we all age and approach our retirements most of us look to change our living arrangements to reflect our senior status and our changing suite of needs and requirements. Once we stop working we start to look at how we intend to spend our retirement, particularly what activities and hobbies we intend to pursue. … Continue reading

Soul Searching… Your First Step to Finding the Best Senior Housing

My friend Kelli called the other day seeking my advice. “I’m worried about mom and dad,” she said. “They are convinced they can stay in their house, but I’m seeing them really slow down and struggle with the upkeep. Where do I begin? How do I start a conversation with them? What can I do … Continue reading

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