What is Successful Aging And What Does it Take to Age Successfully?

In 2003, researchers asked an elderly population in Manitoba Canada what they define as aging successfully. The response was that the senior citizens said that to them successful aging is staying physically fit, being healthy in the body and the brain, and remaining socially active. It turns out that it is exactly these four factors … Continue reading

Planning Retirement Courses Making the most of retirement

Retirement is one of the most significant changes that any of us will ever experience. Everyone approaches retirement differently and with a mix of emotions, some of us can’t wait and others of us will be worried or even fearful. Planning for retirement courses are more important today than they have ever been. We are … Continue reading

Retirement Financial Planning and Retirement Ideas

Too soon we get old, and too late we get smart is the old Yiddish proverb. This applies to most people as they do retirement planning. Retirement ideas range from imagining yourself living in a life of luxury, playing golf, taking 9 month vacations, and enjoying life, down to living in a retirement community where … Continue reading

How To Afford Senior Housing… Know Before You Go!

In my 10 years as a senior specialist , the two questions I run into most when I’m helping people research housing are, “How much does it cost?” and, “Can I afford it?” The best way to find the answer to those two questions is my simple golden rule: “Know Before You Go.” If you … Continue reading

Eight Ways to Make a House Elder-Friendly

If you are selling a house over the next 10 or more years you need to know about a huge trend.  Many buyers are retiring.  Is the house you are selling fit for an aging buyer?  Here is a list of eight things you can do to make your house elder-friendly.  You can do some … Continue reading

The Changing Priorities of 21st Century Retirement Living – Providing Choice Will Be Key

Skiing trips instead of shuffleboard, laptops instead of feet on tabletops: Today’s retirees are playing and living under a much different set of priorities than previous generations. Words like choice, flexibility, fit and active are much more the 21st century vernacular than comfortable, relaxed and passing the time. Oh sure, today and tomorrow’s retirees still … Continue reading

The New Retirement Attitude: Today’s 60 is Yesterday’s 40

If I say “retirement,” what are the first five words that come to your mind? If they are “leisure,” “relaxation,” “comfort,” “golf” and “old age,” you’re thinking about yesterday’s retirement. This is the 21st century, when the new 60 looks like the old 40. And when retiring means “growth,” “new opportunities,” “excitement,” “challenge,” and “self-discovery.” … Continue reading

Choosing the Ideal Retirement Area

Used to be people stayed in one place. Trips to the big city were exciting, but rare. Summer outings to the beach, the lake or the mountains had you planning your next trip before you were home. But a permanent move to the place you loved was beyond imagination for most people. Today, with fast … Continue reading

Retirement Communities Step Up Their Game

With the rate of US citizens who are nearing retirement age increasing at a rapid pace, the retirement community business has been upping its game in an effort to increase their marketshare in the industry. It seems that those who are benefitting the most from this type of competition within the industry are the retiring … Continue reading

Retirement Communities in US

Retirement community refers to an active adult community where array of housings are available for retirees and seniors. These housings have been designed exclusively for those who are retired and on or above a certain age limit. Retirement communities have been planned with an aim to satisfy the retirements of the retirees. Amenities such as, … Continue reading

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