Medicaid Funding Caps Would Harm Older Americans


Recent months have seen increased discussion of proposals to cap federal Medicaid spending. Under these proposals, the federal government would provide limited funding through either block grants or per capita payments to states, and states would have broad discretion to set their own Medicaid standards. A new issue brief from Justice in Aging explains how … Continue reading

Repealing the Affordable Care Act without a Replacement Hurts Seniors


by Jennifer Goldberg, Justice in Aging Directing Attorney Every day, whether seniors need to see a doctor, receive care in their home, or pay for prescription drugs, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are lifelines for older adults. However, the entire health care system upon which older adults rely is at risk in … Continue reading

Aging Boomers will Impact Labor, Business, Healthcare…and ‘Drive Up Overall labor Costs’


Gary Passmore wrote about the changing face of California and how aging baby boomers ‘will impact, labor, business, healthcare, teachers, nurses, and shortages in these fields are significant enough to drive up overall labor costs’. Those of us in aging know the impact boomers will have on systems and the economy. But, now is the … Continue reading

Join the Convo: #StandWithSeniors


There will be much decision-making and discussion, in coming weeks and months, regarding  issues and programs that affect older Americans and their families. NCOA, our national partner in education and advocacy, launched Straight Talk for Seniors® to provide information for older adults, their families, caregivers, and the professionals who serve them on key policy concerns involving the Affordable Care … Continue reading

Health Network Alert


Older adults rely on Medicaid, Medicare, and programs under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to get the health care they need. As Congress begins work to repeal the ACA, it’s important to understand how changes to the ACA will dramatically alter these programs, jeopardizing the care seniors rely on to stay healthy. Because of the … Continue reading



President Trump and the new Congress are moving quickly to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Major restructuring and cuts to Medicaid may not be far behind. This is your chance to tell Congress to protect these programs for seniors and people with disabilities. Join thousands of aging and disability advocates in calling Congress on Tuesday, … Continue reading

Planning Retirement Courses Making the most of retirement


Retirement is one of the most significant changes that any of us will ever experience. Everyone approaches retirement differently and with a mix of emotions, some of us can’t wait and others of us will be worried or even fearful. Planning for retirement courses are more important today than they have ever been. We are … Continue reading

Warehousing Our Elderly


It is a national shame that in our culture we stick our elderly in warehouses called nursing homes, or assisted living or rehabilitation facilities. About twenty years big corporation recognized the huge money profits by exploiting end of life care. Many churches had not-for–profit homes to care for older people who could no longer live … Continue reading

Visiting Gran and Gramps: Telltale Signs of Nusring Home Abuse


Almost all elderly people in the nursing homes are in such caring facility because their families are or they do not have the capacity to care for their daily needs. Being in a caring facility, assistance by all accounts should be at hand. The elderly need to be treated, not only with respect and reverence … Continue reading

Caregivers–Don’t Become Control Freaks


When you’re a primary caregiver responsible for the well-being of your father, mother or another loved one, it’s easy to become obsessed with the details. You want to make sure your Dad isn’t eating rotten food, so you smell everything in his refrigerator. You note that your Mom’s hair is oily and stringy, so you … Continue reading

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