Nursing Services-Health Care Services that Address the Needs of Seniors

There are nursing services available for seniors that will give them compassionate and highly skilled care in their home, nursing home, hospital, or wherever they reside. Services for seniors can include shopping, bathing, pet care, laundry, meal preparation, and much more. If you need nursing services due to an illness, injury, or any other reason … Continue reading

LAO: The Universal Assessment Tool: Improving Care for Recipients of Home- and Community-Based Services

St. Barnabas Senior Services Adult Day Center

From our colleagues at LAO: In 2012, the Legislature authorized the development and pilot implementation of a universal assessment tool (UAT) to streamline eligibility and level-of-need determinations for three home- and community-based services (HCBS) programs that provide care to seniors and people with disabilities. Our analysis finds that the benefits of a UAT likely outweigh … Continue reading

Huff Post: Income Inequality Among America’s Seniors Means It’s Not Time to Cut the Safety Net

Kevin Prindiville - 5th Annual LAAAC Aging Summit

Kevin Prindiville, Executive Director, The National Senior Citizens Law Center  Two weeks ago, a USA Today story revealed that the U.S. has the fourth most uneven income distribution in the developed world. We rank just behind Chile, Mexico, and Turkey with one of the developed world’s largest income gaps. While income inequality in America is not news, few are … Continue reading

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