Seniors and their sleep

There’s new research from the University of California that states the problems surrounding older people and their sleep, while offering few solutions. This is a somewhat sad trend when it comes to research affecting the aging members of our society. When people are younger and more energetic, they will contribute to the growth and development … Continue reading

Healthy Aging including Sleep

Healthy aging is about self-care with vitamins and nourishment and getting good night sleep. Healthy aging is also outlined as living an extended, healthier life. As we get older, we need to keep lively to maintain our our bodies and system in shape. The older a person gets the much less his body want to … Continue reading

Can’t Sleep? The Truth About Sleep and Aging – 5 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

Can’t sleep? The truth about sleep and aging is that, you can, and should, expect a good nights sleep. As we age, we still require seven to nine hours of sleep, but our ability to get good quality sleep may be affected. This is the reason to start or begin to develop good habits that … Continue reading

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