Conference on Aging for Older Adults

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Caregiver Stress

Caring for senior citizens or disabled individuals can be difficult and often results in emotional and physical strain known as caregiver stress. This stress can cause one to feel frustrated or angry, guilty, lonely, and exhausted. And, although caregivers are generally in good health, research indicates that caregivers are more likely to experience depression and … Continue reading


Stress is a big deal in midlife. It is everywhere. It plagues us at home. It travels with us on the road. It sleeps with us at night. Compared to today’s multitasking, time-challenged, cyber-stressed baby boomers, cave people led relatively stress-free lifestyles. Between family and financial demands, working overtime, rapidly changing technologies, time compression, corporate … Continue reading

8 Tips to Help Seniors Conquer Stress

(NewsUSA) – As boomers retire from their jobs at unprecedented rates in the U.S., you’d think they’d be spending their free time with friends, lingering over the morning newspaper and coffee or taking January vacations in a warm place. But many seniors are finding themselves in a predicament that few anticipate in retirement: parenting for … Continue reading

Avoiding Elder Care Stress Requires Planning and Organization

Care for the elderly in home can be overwhelming. To avoid elder care stress it is important for the caregiver, or potential caregiver, to help the aging adult organize and plan for the unplanned events in life. Taking a proactive approach with the aging adults in your life will save you time, energy, money and … Continue reading

Can’t Sleep? The Truth About Sleep and Aging – 5 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

Can’t sleep? The truth about sleep and aging is that, you can, and should, expect a good nights sleep. As we age, we still require seven to nine hours of sleep, but our ability to get good quality sleep may be affected. This is the reason to start or begin to develop good habits that … Continue reading

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