Why Seniors should Log On to the Internet

There may be some seniors who’d disagree, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Internet is immensely useful to them. It’s best to throw away any inhibition or reluctance and master the computer, since it can be your friend for all seasons. Let’s analyze the areas in which the Internet can benefit you, especially … Continue reading

Activities For Senior Citizens: Seniors On Facebook Building Healthy Brains

Activities for Senior Citizens: Seniors on Facebook! I wholeheartedly promote the combination of seniors on computers and the Internet as a method of sustaining a high quality of life for my peers, especially in the area of memory improvement. On Facebook you will find many activities for senior citizens, as well as exceptional groups related … Continue reading

Phones For The Elderly: A Common-Sense Checklist

Are you buying a phone for an elderly person who’s hard of hearing? If so, this checklist will help you choose a phone which they’ll find practical and enjoyable to use. Phones for seniors – they’re something you might not have thought about before, but should. It’s frustrating not being able to hear on the … Continue reading

Use Wii Games As A Brain Fitness Program to Promote Healthy Aging

Nintendo Wii games are like using a brain fitness program to promote healthy aging. You flex your mental muscles as well as improve physical fitness at the same time. Studies show that in 2008, 26 percent of aging individuals over the age of 50 played video games. This is an increase of 9 percent from … Continue reading

Home Health Care Technology – Baby Boomers Require Action to Age in Place

Home health care technology can assist baby boomers to successfully age in place by promoting independence and offering assistance when it is needed. Boomers have made it perfectly clear they want to remain in their communities and stay in their homes for as long as possible. The results of a survey conducted by The American … Continue reading

iHealthBeat: Mobile App Could Help Streamline Enrollment in Health Care Programs

Benjamin Norman for The New York Times Patients at the Peekskill center, which may or may not get to keep a $4.5 million federal grant.

A recent pilot study found that the use of a mobile health application — called One-e-App — helped streamline the enrollment of individuals into health care and public assisstance programs, the North Bay Business Journal reports. About One-e-App Social Interest Solutions developed the One-e-App Web-based enrollment system with funding from the California HealthCare Foundation. CHCF publishes iHealthBeat. Individuals … Continue reading

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