To Grow as a Conscious Elder: Forget Resolutions & Create Intentions

We all know how weak New Years resolutions and other good intentions tend to be for making a lasting, meaningful difference in our lives. I believe this is so because our resolutions are usually made piecemeal, with a goal of improving some areas of our lives, but without a larger context within which to place … Continue reading

What We Believe Shapes How We Age: ten critical questions about our beliefs

In recent years, a host of psychological and biological research has been adding its voice to the age-old wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions in emphasizing the importance of belief and attitude in determining how our lives unfold. Let’s look at two very different beliefs about aging. Since the “modern” era began, aging has largely … Continue reading

What is Successful Aging And What Does it Take to Age Successfully?

In 2003, researchers asked an elderly population in Manitoba Canada what they define as aging successfully. The response was that the senior citizens said that to them successful aging is staying physically fit, being healthy in the body and the brain, and remaining socially active. It turns out that it is exactly these four factors … Continue reading

Tips for Caregivers When Dealing with Seniors

When parents and loved ones get older, many times the care of the person falls to their children or other relatives who live in close proximity. Caring for a senior that has multiple health problems that are treated on a daily basis is something that is difficult for most people. The reason is that the … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Disease — Four Crucial Steps for Protecting Yourself

Alzheimer’s Disease is more prevalent than you may realize. People you know could have it. Neither you nor they may even suspect that they have the disease. One of them may be a close friend or a member of your family. With around half a million new cases annually in America alone, there are essential … Continue reading

Releasing Caregiver Regrets

Releasing Caregiver Regrets: You can lose the weight of regrets Most caregivers have regrets. They wonder whether they’ve done too much or too little, too early or too late, too harshly or too passively. They regret the things they’ve said and done, and more importantly, the things they failed to say or do. Here’s my … Continue reading

Seven Steps to Help Senior Citizens Age Well

1. Control your blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, you probably will not feel it. Though common, senior citizens with this condition may not know because the symptoms of high blood pressure are invisible and painless, but it can lead to strokes, heart disease, eye problems, and kidney failure. … Continue reading

Helpful Tips for Seniors Who Are Moving

As you have aged, you have discovered that you cannot lift the same amount of weight nor can you stoop over as many times. Moving requires both and then some. I look forward to a move nearly as much as having an extra hole drilled into my head. Many senior have found that there is … Continue reading

A Surprising Strategy for Getting the Most out of Your Social Security

(BPT) – The temptation to start collecting monthly Social Security checks at age 62 is hard to resist, but claiming the benefit too early can have damaging consequences for your overall retirement funds. According to’s October list of “Financial Decisions You Will Regret in Retirement,” taking the money as soon as you are eligible … Continue reading

10 Healthy Tips for Seniors

Here are ten things that you can start doing today to help you live a longer, healthier life. 1. Exercise your heart four or more times per week for at least twenty minutes. Walking is a good place to start, but you can also use an exercise bike or even walk or swim in a … Continue reading

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