TSF: INSIDE Integrated Appeals Processes

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation: A brief from the Center for Heath Care Services explores considerations in aligning Medicare and Medicaid appeals processes and highlights key lessons from two states serving Medicare-Medicaid enrollees Click here for report: http://www.thescanfoundation.org/sites/thescanfoundation.org/files/integrated_appeals_brief_12_22_14.pdf

TSF: Perspectives – White House Conference on Aging

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation: Next year, America will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Older Americans Act, as well as the 80th anniversary of Social Security.  In conjunction with these milestones, the White House will host its 2015 Conference on Aging.  Please read Dr. Bruce Chernof’s latest Perspectives on … Continue reading

TSF: Innovative Approaches to Stratification and Rate Setting

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation:  Stratifying Medicare-Medicaid enrollees by their level of need may help states and health plans prioritize and promptly address the care management needs of these individuals in order to ensure high-quality, timely care. This new brief from the Center for Health Care Strategies describes how three states – California, … Continue reading

TSF: Aging in America: Stuck in the Middle

Young and Old by www.Mikesjournal.com

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation: The Bipartisan Policy Center’s initiative on long-term care was featured as part of a cover story on a recent episode of CBS Sunday Morning.  The segment profiles the struggle many Americans face when it comes to long-term care financing and features an interview with former Senate Majority Leader Tom … Continue reading

TSF: 2014 Long-Term Services & Supports Summit

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation: Our 2014 Long-Term Services & Supports Summit was a tremendous success, bringing together 300 participants from across California to discuss the current state of LTSS and how to continue the momentum towards system transformation.  For a recap on the conference and its takeaways, please read Dr. Bruce Chernof’s … Continue reading

Avalere & The SCAN Foundation: Avalere Issues White Paper on the Management of High-Risk Medicare Populations in Partnership with The SCAN Foundation

[Robinson Chavez, Michael -- - Sierra Foothills, Ca. November 16, 2011 Kate Hamon, 78, had it made when she moved to Pine Grove just north of Jackson. She owns two homes, one, a 17 acre property is all paid for. Then the bubble burst and Hamon was upside down on one of her homes, which is being purchased in a short sale for a song. Hamon, a deeply religious woman, packs up a statue of the Virgin Mary. The elderly are dealing with tough financial conditions and aborted retirements in the foothills of the Sierras. (Photo by Michael Robinson Chavez/Los Angeles Times)] *** []

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation:  New Avalere research for The SCAN Foundation demonstrates the ROI potential of well-targeted care coordination programs supported by robust data. In a new report on effective care management of high-risk Medicare beneficiaries, our Avalere experts make the case for three key best practice strategies. 1. Identify the full … Continue reading

The SCAN Foundation: PP&AR Explores Recommendations from Federal Commission on Long-Term Care

Form our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation: PP&AR Explores Recommendations from Federal Commission on Long-Term Care   The latest issue of Public Policy & Aging Report (PP&AR) outlines a policy prescription for a sustainable system of LTSS using the Federal Commission on Long-Term Care’s 2013 final report as its base.  Two of the eight articles can … Continue reading

The SCAN Foundation: California’s Coordinated Care Initiative: August 2014 Update

This fact sheet provides updated information on enrollment, implementation issues, and program changes in California’s Coordinated Care Initiative since operations began in April 2014. – See more at: See factsheet here: http://www.thescanfoundation.org/californias-coordinated-care-initiative-august-2014-update?utm_source=8-20-14+%28CCI+Fact+Sheet%3B+NSCLC+Fact+sheet%29&utm_campaign=8-20-14&utm_medium=email

TSF: New RFP available

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation: Request for Proposals: Linkage Lab Academy  The SCAN Foundation seeks proposals from organizations that provide services in California’s eight Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) counties to participate in the second cohort of the Linkage Lab Academy.  Through this Academy, the Foundation provides support to community-based organizations that are committed to … Continue reading

TSF: Raising Expectations: California’s 2014 LTSS Scorecard Results

As a physician, I’ve witnessed first hand the plight of so many families whose lives are thrown into turmoil as an older parent or grandparent takes a fall, suffers an injury and experiences a sudden health decline.  Without warning, families find themselves at the epiccenter of a completely fragmented long-term care system.  Continue reading Dr. … Continue reading

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