Conference on Aging for Older Adults

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Seniors and their sleep

There’s new research from the University of California that states the problems surrounding older people and their sleep, while offering few solutions. This is a somewhat sad trend when it comes to research affecting the aging members of our society. When people are younger and more energetic, they will contribute to the growth and development … Continue reading

Healthy Aging including Sleep

Healthy aging is about self-care with vitamins and nourishment and getting good night sleep. Healthy aging is also outlined as living an extended, healthier life. As we get older, we need to keep lively to maintain our our bodies and system in shape. The older a person gets the much less his body want to … Continue reading

Caregiving Tips: How to Maintain Your Own Wellbeing When Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Currently, there are more than five million adults in the U.S., age 65 or older, who have Alzheimer’s disease, and this number continues to grow as the population ages and people live longer. The American Association of Retired People (AARP) estimates that 70% of those with Alzheimer’s live at home and are primarily cared for … Continue reading

What is Successful Aging And What Does it Take to Age Successfully?

In 2003, researchers asked an elderly population in Manitoba Canada what they define as aging successfully. The response was that the senior citizens said that to them successful aging is staying physically fit, being healthy in the body and the brain, and remaining socially active. It turns out that it is exactly these four factors … Continue reading

Seven Steps to Help Senior Citizens Age Well

1. Control your blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, you probably will not feel it. Though common, senior citizens with this condition may not know because the symptoms of high blood pressure are invisible and painless, but it can lead to strokes, heart disease, eye problems, and kidney failure. … Continue reading

10 Healthy Tips for Seniors

Here are ten things that you can start doing today to help you live a longer, healthier life. 1. Exercise your heart four or more times per week for at least twenty minutes. Walking is a good place to start, but you can also use an exercise bike or even walk or swim in a … Continue reading

Fitness for Seniors Has a Whole New Meaning Today

It was believed that seniors couldn’t increase muscle mass or strength if they wanted to. Studies at Harvard and elsewhere have now firmly put that myth to rest. In generations past, exercise was believed to be mostly for the younger set. It was even believed that seniors couldn’t increase muscle mass or strength if they … Continue reading

Improving the Nutrition of the Elderly

The elderly face many unique challenges to receive proper nutrition. Here are some guidelines to help make sure they are eating what they should. It is estimated that one in four seniors suffer from some level of malnutrition. Poor nutrition exacerbates existing illnesses and increases the risk of other illnesses such as pneumonia, osteoporosis, obesity, … Continue reading

Yoga – The Elderly Are Loving It

The young are coming to yoga centers with the aim to lose flab. But the elderly are not far behind, they want their youth back as well. They feel fit and their ailments, many of which arise from lifestyle problems and neglect at home, are getting resolved. Yoga boosts their self-esteem they say. While some … Continue reading

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