Sample Letter to Elected Officials

Below is an example for an individual letter writing campaign. The aim is to hold power accountable by taking action in advocacy on issues that matter to Americans 50+. This letter’s focus is primarily on strengthening Medicare. To find out more information on the status of bills in the U.S. Congress related to the subject of … Continue reading

Tips for Writing Your Elected Officials

There are multiple ways for you to get in touch with your elected officials to let them know your perspective on aging issues. One way is writing a letter. Read through the following tips on ways to successfully write your elected officials and ensure that your voice is heard! Tips On Writing Your Elected Officials … Continue reading

Telling Personal Stories

A key component of any advocacy strategy is finding personal stories that demonstrate the importance of the change you seek. Personal stories: lend credibility to a problem or solution put a human face on problem or solution help others identify with a problem or solution engage a reader’s heart, stir compassion move people to action … Continue reading

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