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Click the “DONATE NOW” button below to find more information on items needed to support LAAAC in our work serving the vulnerable aging community, as well as the passionate and hard-working aging service network within Los Angeles County.

Also, please keep reading to find out why giving back is good for you.

Thanks for your support!


Why should you donate to this cause?

When you donate to LAAAC, your gift creates a ripple effect that reaches far beyond your original intent; it provides us with the necessary resources we need to sustain and scale our work; however, it also helps you too.

Still on the fence?

Well then, check out the top 5 reasons why you should donate to LAAAC and other causes you support:

  1. With LAAAC, you will be joining the aging community.
    • Gain access to other like-minded individuals and stay abreast on the causes that interest you.
  2. With LAAAC, you will rally others to our cause of aging advocacy.
    • Effect greater change by sharing your experience with others
    • You’ll increase the perceived value of the aging community for people in the future.
    • You can also make serious impact, as an aging advocate (AGEnt for Change), not merely as a donor.
  3. In general, you will feel better about yourself.
  4. In general, you will live longer.
  5. Lastly, you will be eligible for a tax deduction.
    • 85 percent of donors file for tax deductions
      • REMEMBER! Keep a receipt for gifts larger that $250 (e.g., proof).

For additional ways to donate to LAAAC, please check here!

  • LAAAC is managed by St. Barnabas Senior Services; Funded, in part, by Archstone Foundation.
  • St. Barnabas Senior Services

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